New Construction

If you need an addition in your home, a room or section remodeled, or are ready to build your own brand new home, 6 Woods Construction is ready to conquer your project,, whatever it may be. With our high quality materials, reasonable pricing, and satisfaction guarantee, you'll get just what you want and be settling into your new construction in no time.

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Garage Construction

If you've been dreaming about a new addition for your home to fit more family, another room, office, or even just more storage, 6 Woods Construction is prepared to tackle your biggest project ideas.

Home Construction

Everything needs an update sooner or later. Does your kitchen need a refresh? Living room not working for you? Or your bathroom in need of an update? Let 6 Woods Construction take on those jobs you need done.

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Finally ready to build that new home that fits your exact needs and style? We're here to make that vision in your head a reality. We'll do the heavy lifting and make sure your new home is just the way you want it.


6 Woods Construction is the one stop shop you're looking for! For your convenience, 6 Woods subcontracts for your construction or renovation project.


This means if you need electrical work, plumbing, paving, landscaping, tree services, or any additional contracting work during the timeline of your project that we can't complete, 6 Woods Construction will find the best contracting service for you to make sure your project is thorough and finished inside and out.


We will communicate with the contracting service and make sure your project needs are met, so you don't have to worry about a thing!





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